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We accept all forms of spinning types, cotton spinning for clothing, polyester spinning for garment, fluorescent spinning for cloth. Any special are available for customer.

High quality raw materials: We select high quality fibers to ensure the toughness and strength of the spinning thread to meet various textile needs.

Technological innovation: Continuous research and development of new spinning technology, make the spinning thread thinner, more uniform, improve the quality of textiles.

Environmental protection concept: The use of environmentally friendly dyes and production processes to ensure that spinning is harmless, while reducing environmental pollution.

Customized services: According to customer needs, provide personalized spinning customization services to meet the special requirements of different textile enterprises.

Quick response: The professional customer service team is ready to answer your questions and ensure the smooth progress of your order.

Perfect after-sales: We promise that if there is any quality problem in the spinning thread, we will replace or return it for free, so that you have no worries.

Hope there is a chance for both of us work together!